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Engineering was high quality,awards were well deserved丨GDE has won two national quality engineering awards Edit Date:2024/01/08

       Recently, China Construction Management Association announced the list of winners of the 2022-2023 National Quality Engineering Award, of which the domestic waste incineration power generation project of Taiyuan circular economy and environmental sanitation industry demonstration base and Zhangjiakou domestic waste incineration power generation project designed by GDE were listed, showing GDE’s outstanding strength in the field of waste incineration power generation.

       The National Quality Engineering Award was established in 1981. It is the earliest, highest specification, cross industry and cross professional national quality award in China’s engineering construction field confirmed by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. The award is recognized every two years, and the evaluation covers all important procedures and links from project initiation to completion acceptance. The comprehensive indicators of the award-winning projects have reached the domestic leading level in the same period. The creation of National Quality Engineering Award advocates the spiritual concept of “pursuing excellence and creating classics”, and builds high-quality projects with first-class design, first-class construction and first-class quality, leading the development of the industry, and building high-quality, safe, practical, efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly projects that can stand the test of history.

 Taiyuan circular economy environmental sanitation industry demonstration base WTE Project

       The project has a daily treatment capacity of 3000 tons of domestic waste, with an annual treatment capacity of 1.095 million tons, and an annual power generation of 457million kwh. Project construction 4 × The 750t/d mechanical grate furnace adopts the process of “SNCR+rotary spray semi dry method+dry method (spraying sodium bicarbonate)+activated carbon injection+bag filter” for flue gas treatment, which can meet the “EU 2010 emission standard”. The project obtained the highest quality evaluation of municipal engineering certified by the China Municipal Engineering Association in 2022.

 Zhangjiakou WTE Project

       As a key project and popular support project in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, the project is responsible for the transfer and disposal of domestic waste in six districts and one county of Zhangjiakou. The project was officially put into operation in August 2021, and will receive and dispose the key controlled waste in the competition area during the 2022 Winter Olympics, which will play a positive role in ensuring the smooth progress of the Winter Olympics. The design scale of phase I of the project is 1800 tons of domestic waste per day. The process of “SNCR+semi dry+dry+activated carbon injection+bag filter+scr” is adopted. The flue gas emission fully complies with the national standard (gb18485-2014), and the daily average of flue gas online monitoring indicators is comprehensively better than the “European Union 2010 standard”.

       As one of the first enterprises to engage in the field of waste to energy power generation, GDE has been deeply involved in the waste to energy power generation industry for 168体育 than 30 years, with outstanding engineering performance at home and abroad, and numerous heavyweight honorary awards. In the future, GDE will continue to practice the spirit of “national excellence” of “pursuing excellence and building classics”, and create 168体育 high-quality projects with ingenuity, leading the high-quality development of enterprises with high-quality performance capabilities.