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Fighting for the Fourth Quarter丨GDE’s multiple businesses have made progress Edit Date:2023/12/19

       In order to accelerate the implementation of the work goals throughout the year, GDE has compacted responsibilities, drums hardships, grabs time, raises speed, and grasps progress, and has continuously consolidated the foundation of high -quality development. Recently, many businesses have ushered in new progress.

 Signing a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Hangzhou Tianyicheng New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

       Recently, GDE signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Hangzhou Tianyicheng New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd(hereinafter referred to as “TYIC”) signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement.The two parties will cooperate in the field of non -ferrous metals, rare earth smelting and waste power lithium battery recycling projects at home and abroad, increase market share of the two parties, and promote high -quality development of enterprises. Luojun, the party secretary and chairman of GDE, lizhenzhou, the general manager of GDE, and sunkehua, the general manager of TYIC attended the signing ceremony.

       During the visit, the visiting leaders visited GDE’s exhibition hall and the science and innovation center, and then held discussions and exchanges. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges around the our overall business development, the current domestic and international industry development situation and future industry development trends, Expressing hope to establish a sound communication and cooperation mechanism, carry out extensive cooperation in the fields of domestic and foreign engineering projects, to achieve resource sharing, complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win -win results; Realize new results in market development and scientific and technological R&D.

 The first building of Intelligent Manufacturing Park in Baiyun high tech Zone was officially capped

       Recently, the Baiyun high tech Zone intelligent manufacturing park project designed by GDE held the capping ceremony of the main project, marking that the construction project of the project has achieved phased major results.

       The project is located in the Guangzhou Rail Transit Equipment Industrial Park in the north of Guangzhou Baiyun District, and is invested and constructed by Guangzhou Baiyun District Park Investment Operation Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Guangzhou hi- tech Investment Group Co., Ltd., a state-owned enterprise in Baiyun District.The total land area of the project is 59.09 mu, with a total construction area of 131800 square meters. It is planned to build five industrial towers, 12 floors above the ground and 1 floor underground, which can meet the industrial process and driving needs of most industries. As one of the carriers of high-end equipment manufacturing industry integrating production, research and operation in Guangzhou Rail Transit Equipment Industrial Park, the project will be built into an advanced development platform for rail transit equipment manufacturing and an intelligent manufacturing industrial park for Guangzhou Automobile core parts industrial park.

 Grid connected power generation of 5.733mwp roof distributed photovoltaic power generation project of Shaoneng Group Luzhou Eco (xinfeng) technology Co., Ltd

       Recently, the 5.733mwp roof distributed photovoltaic power generation project of Shaoneng Group Luzhou Eco (xinfeng) technology Co., Ltd, which was constructed by GDE, was connected to the grid for power generation.

       The project is located in the production area of Shaoneng Group Luzhou Eco (xinfeng) technology Co., Ltd ,in Matou Industrial Park, Xinfeng County, Shaoguan City. The project includes the construction of a distributed photovoltaic power generation system on the roofs of two steel structure workshops (workshop I and Workshop II), a concrete steel roof structure workshop (1 three-dimensional finished product warehouse), a water supply pump house, a clean water tank and a steel tableware warehouse in the production area. After the completion of the project, the installed power generation capacity will be 5.83mw, Through 20 225Kw inverters, 2 175kW inverters and 3 2000kVA transformers, the existing power distribution system is finally connected with 2-circuit 10kV lines.

       During the construction period, our project team, relying on its professional technical level and active service awareness, lean planned the construction process, overcame adverse factors such as heavy rainfall in northern Guangdong and large logistics flow in the park, actively coordinated with the production in the plant and integrated the management system to ensure that the construction progress does not affect the production in the plant, and that the project is promoted to high standards, completed with high quality and put into operation with high efficiency. At present, the photovoltaic power generation system has been put into operation with full capacity, It has produced good economic benefits for users.